Warehouse Design

Customized warehouse design paving the way for operation success

Design for a smarter warehouse

With 50 years of experience in the material handling industry, Lift Power’s expertise in warehouse design is second-to-none. Progressive and fully-customizable, our warehouse design solutions increase efficiency at all points of the distribution process. Whether a customer needs full warehouse design from the ground up or renovations to an existing facility, Lift Power specializes in the integration of storage systems with material handling equipment.

How do Lift Power’s Warehouse Design Solutions work?

In addition to providing and servicing innovative lift trucks and other material handling equipment, Lift Power offers warehouse design and planning, along with any necessary equipment and supplies, to optimize an operation’s warehouse environment. For facilities that require warehouse design assistance, Lift Power will first assess an existing facility or take a new facility blueprint and populate it with storage systems based on the type of products the customer supports. We then consider the entirety of a customer’s inventory and determine the most efficient storage methods, always taking into account any constraints or required storage conditions.


Once this has been done, Lift Power works with customers to design the system around the product(s) and picking method, whether that be full-pallet or case pick with any specific attributes applied. Our experienced Warehouse Design team offers insight throughout the entire process regarding methods that will improve an operation’s throughput, enhance both system and operator efficiency, and reduce warehousing costs. We also consider any facility constraints a customer might have and suggest leverage of the optimal and appropriate technologies that will take their material handling operation to the next level. This includes data analysis and ROI projections for any potential integrated technologies.

Lift Power’s warehouse design solutions also encompass new construction consultation. We work with architects to design the structural layout of a facility, providing valuable recommendations that will optimize an operation from the very beginning. This includes both standard lift truck layouts for narrow aisle (NA) applications that involve reach trucks, and very narrow aisle (VNA) applications which require turret truck implementation (Bendie, Drexel, CombiLift).