Training : a forklift is only as effective as its operator

Increase awareness, up-time and productivity

Lift Power's Forklift Training Programs

Lift Power’s dedication to our clients goes beyond just lift trucks, parts, and services. We are committed to helping ensure that operations run smoothly and efficiently, which is why we offer a wide range of forklift training programs. These programs are proven to increase employee awareness, equipment uptime, and overall productivity.

Operator Training

Lift truck operators who are trained in how to use their material handling equipment make less mistakes, have greater accuracy, and are more efficient during their shifts. Led by Lift Power’s certified operator trainers, our Operator Training Programs help businesses to:

  • Understand and utilize efficient forklift operation techniques

  • Prevent accidents that may harm your employees, equipment, and materials

  • Reduce costs incurred by material handling equipment damage

  • Meet OSHA requirements for your operation

Technician Training

Trained technicians increase a lift truck fleet’s uptime and efficiency. Lift Power’s forklift technician trainers keep technicians up-to-date with any electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and service proficiencies they may need to maintain and protect a fleet. Benefits of Technician Training Programs include:

  • Reduced costs of future equipment maintenance and service

  • Fleet up-time maximization

  • Availability of in-house service specialists

Train the Trainer

As the name suggests, Lift Power’s Train the Trainer Programs effectively informs & certifies in-house trainer(s) to perform any requested programs, which includes conducting OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) required training for material handling equipment operators. Trainers will be trained to:

  • Understand OSHA standards

  • Effectively utilize training programs and evaluate operators

  • Understand operator certification, documentation, and record keeping

  • Understand both a trainer’s role and an employer’s role in operator certification

Pedestrian Training

Safety of not only operators but also any office employees or pedestrians moving about a material handling equipment area or warehouse is paramount. Lift Power’s Pedestrian Training Programs teach those that walk in potentially dangerous areas how to act responsibly when forklifts and other equipment are operating around them. This type of training teaches pedestrians:

  • Best-practice behaviors to prevent accidents or injuries

  • Environmental awareness

  • Visual communication skills

Lead Safe Training

Also known as Supervisor Training, Lead Safe Training Programs improve both the management of employees and of equipment. These programs offer awareness and insight to supervisors on how to develop policies and procedures that meet OSHA standards and requirements. Lead Safe Training teaches supervisors to:

  • Recognize workplace/operational hazards

  • Understand and perform pre-use inspection processes

  • Identify and adhere to OSHA requirement