Ten Indicators You’re Ready to Automate

Ten Indicators You’re Ready to Automate

Optimized to Automize

DC Velocity’s September 2018 Issue brings details on the top ten signs your warehouse or distribution center is primed for automation.

In the ever-changing world of technological advancements, warehouses and distribution centers are regularly in need of making operational shifts. Whether it’s a desire to improve workplace conditions, move more product in less time, or optimize space, automation provides a solution to nearly any facility’s growth-based challenges.

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As the consumer marketplace continues to flourish, more and more DCs are choosing to automate processes with two main goals in mind: to improve operations and to stay with or ahead of the technological and industrial curve.

See if your company lines up with any of these 10 signs your ready to automate your operations!

A need to improve:

  • Productivity

    Reduce labor while accomplishing more

  • Throughput

    Reduce bottlenecks and process orders more quickly and efficiently

  • Accuracy

    Avoid costly order-fulfillment mistakes

  • Security, Control, and Safety

    Reduce the risk of theft and create a work environment with better, safer product placement

  • Environmental Impact

    Reduce the need for lighting in automated storage areas and reduce climatizing costs

  • Space Usage

    Utilize denser storage over a smaller surface area

A shift towards:

  • Products that can be easily inventoried and transported in cartons or totes

    Can be more easily tracked in real time with automation

  • More ergonomic systems

    Reduce walking, lifting, and reaching

  • Reducing harsh environment exposure for employees

    Limit the need for personnel to be in harsh conditions like freezers or hazardous chemical zones

  • An increasing or constantly changing number of SKUs

    Accurately track data to better manage inventory

Take Your First Step Toward Automation

Sound like you? As daunting as it may seem, automation provides a solution to any of these needs and can be implemented step by step. Start small, and as your company comfortably adopts one automation piece, take a step towards the next. Consider investing in equipment that will automate your business’s day to day like the Crown Quick Pick Remote or Auto Positioning System which saves time and energy by guiding the forklift along the most efficient route. With automation, the possibilities for boosting productivity and workplace efficiency are nearly endless. Contact your rep today to schedule a free automation consultation. We’ll walk you through the best automation options for your facilities specific needs.

SOURCES: DC Velocity, September 2018. “10 Situations Where Automation Makes Sense.” Pg 46-47

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