Storage and Handling

Maximizing space for optimal production

Integrated Storage and Handling systems for a better warehouse

The effective storage, organization, and transportation of products and materials within a material handling facility are critical to the success of the operation. Lift Power offers a comprehensive selection of storage and handling systems that are specifically designed to fit each customer’s needs.


Our storage and handling solutions are flexible and efficient, allowing them to be utilized in multi-functional capacities for operations in both large and small industries.


From pallet racking and shelving solutions to carousels and vertical lift modules (VLM), Lift Power’s Warehouse Solutions engineers guide operations in integrating storage and handling systems that efficiently utilize warehouse space and maximize a facility’s potential for output, culminating in ultimate business success.

Highest Quality Solutions

By partnering with industry leaders, Lift Power always offers customers the highest quality solutions when it comes to warehouse storage and handling. These solutions include:
  • In-house Installation

  • Automation Tools – such as Carousels and Vertical Lift Modules (VLM)

  • Racking and Shelving Systems

  • Pallet Solutions

  • Pick Modules

  • Mezzanines

  • Conveyor Solutions

  • Security Cages

  • Wire Partition Fences

  • Modular Offices


Pallet Racking / Modular Storage Systems

Lift Power provides customers with a full variety of warehouse racking and storage systems that maximize the available facility space. From standard pallet racking solutions to selective, push-back, cantilever, and drive-in/drive-thru racking systems, Lift Power plans, designs, and implements the most effective and applicable storage solutions for any operation.


Designed to expand operating, storage or office space within warehouses, mezzanines take advantage of unused overhead space by transforming it into valuable and usable floor space. Acting as multi-functional platforms, these constructions can be used to provide employees with an area that improves workflow and offers increased productivity. Lift Power offers both simple and complex mezzanine designs that are ideal for record storage, efficient work space usage, and utilization as machine platforms.

Modular Offices

As a lower-cost option to permanent construction, modular offices are considered “modular in-plant buildings,” meaning they are considered facility equipment. These adaptable structures can be altered, moved, and upgraded according to customer needs. This allows for increased flexibility and adaptability when it comes to a designated office space within a facility.