Dock and Door Services

Keeping the doors open

Maintain, Repair, & Protect

Premium performance backed by quality service to maintain, repair, and protect the loading bay area.

Preventative Maintenance

Much like a forklift or lift truck, dock and door systems require proper maintenance to function at an optimal level. Often referred to as planned maintenance, proactive maintenance, or simply PM, Lift Power’s preventative maintenance plans are designed on a customer-by-customer basis so every operation receives their own customized maintenance plan and gets exactly the services they need without paying for services they don’t.

Door Repair / Dock Repair

Loading docks and bay area equipment are subject to repairs like any material handling equipment an operation utilizes. The key to effective dock and door repair is not only fixing or replacing failed parts, but also understanding why they failed in the first place. Our technicians are trained to see past the initial problem in order to provide solutions that will ensure the same issue does not reoccur.

Fire Door Drop Test

Lift Power’s dock and door specialists are trained to reduce fire risk and test fire doors to ensure that they have been installed properly and will act accordingly if a fire threat arises. Properly working fire doors are designed to close automatically in the event of a fire. The door’s closing mechanism is either triggered by fusible links that will melt in the event of a fire or by a smoke/heat detector that the door is connected to electronically. Lift Power’s technicians work with our clients to protect property and employees’ lives by ensuring doors are in compliance with all NFPA requirements and standards.

We protect our customers’ operational investments by keeping their overhead door and bay area running smoothly and efficiently. Lift Power provides proactive by-customer preventative maintenance plans, reactive overhead door repair and dock repair, and analyses and testing to ensure that an operation meets regulation and proper safety requirements.