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Rack Repair

Rack Repair

The Importance of Rack Repair

A warehouse or distribution center is only as strong as the rack holding it up. Day in and day out, warehouse racking is subject to heavy loads, forklift collisions, and harsh environmental conditions. As a result, throughout a facility, there may be hidden or overlooked rack damages creating safety hazards and potential chokepoints for productivity. Furthermore, these damages only grow worse over time if left unchecked. But completely replacing racking can be costly in both time and materials. It’s important, then, to have your warehouse or distribution center racking audited regularly and make necessary repairs so as not to sustain workplace hazards or create the pricey need for full system replacement. Consider the advantages of opting to repair damaged rack:
  • Manage Risk

    Damaged rack is a massive safety hazard in a warehouse or distribution center. Protect you employees, materials, and liabilities by repairing rack damage as soon as possible after the damage occurs.

  • Save on Costs

    Choosing to repair rather than replace racking saves time as well as labor and material costs.

  • Get a Permanent Solution

    Rack repair done right is a permanent solution to current rack damages. Rather than being a temporary fix, professional rack repair reinforces the structure and creates a stronger system than was there before.

The Solution

Have damaged rack or unsure of the current state of your racking? If so, check for kinked columns, columns ripped off foot plates, bent in/outward columns, and other severe damage. To get a complete assessment of your racking, call in professionals who can make recommendations for repair and other improvements.

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Lift Power offers extensive rack repair services including:

  • FREE rack repair audits where we

    • Assess damages to all components of rack (uprights, beams, decks/pallet supports, protection, etc.)
    • Grade the severity of your damages (Level 1=Critical, Level 2=Moderate, Level 3=Light)
    • Provide pricing on repair materials and labor
    • Offer suggestions on how to improve rack protection to prevent further damages
  • RMI registered repair kits

  • In house installation and repair crew

Contact us today for more information on how to get your free rack repair audit. Our team of highly trained professionals is committed to improving the safety and productivity of your warehouse or distribution center so you can let go of worry and get to work!

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