QuickPick Remote

Affordable Warehouse Innovation with QuickPick

The middle ground for semi-automation

Not so long ago, automation was an all or nothing deal. When it came to storage, it was pallet rack or an automated storage and retrieval system. When it came to the movement of goods, it was lift trucks or automatic guided vehicles. Here is an option for end users who can't justify complete automation.

Bob Trebilcock
Executive Editor of Modern Materials Handling


What is the QuickPick Remote?


The QuickPick Remote is an innovation that involves low-level order picking (orders being pulled at a first or second level). This technology is designed for increased automation in the operation of pallet jacks, a task that is very often fast-paced and physically demanding. During traditional order picking operations, an operator must constantly go back and forth between controls in order to move the truck to the necessary location. Now with QuickPick Remote, an operator simply needs to press a button and the lift truck will remotely advance toward the next pick location. Simple and easy-to-use, this technology allows operators to maintain an efficient workflow, worrying less about equipment operation and more about accuracy and speed of order picking.

Efficiency at your fingertips

Drives Operational Efficiencies & Reduces Labor Costs

Warehouse automation is all about designing a facility and its operations in a way that decreases user errors and increases efficiency. Lift Power works with Crown to provide customers with integrated solutions that propel them ahead of the competition.


Advanced automation technologies such as the QuickPick Remote allow clients to step toward the future of material handling and warehouse automation.

Crown has also designed QuickPick Remote with many safety redundancies in place for operations that are worried about any hazards an automated system might have. Usage of lasers, radio-control, and these built-in redundancies will prevent equipment from malfunctioning and harming any personnel or equipment.

Benefits of QuickPick Remote


Best used in distribution centers with long-runs or aisles, the QuickPick Remote eliminates up to 70% of excess operator movement by way of automation, as revealed in Crown research. This technology allows operations to stay ahead of the curve, simplify their workflow, and put tools in the hands of their employees to help them succeed.

  • Decreased operator/order puller fatigue

    by eliminating steps and additional physical effort

  • Increased productivity and accuracy

    by completing more in a less amount of time

  • Reduced equipment and product damage

    with the technology’s automated steer correction and obstacle detection

  • Increased safety

    by allowing operators to remotely control the truck with a push of a button