Crown Wav 60

Crown’s Wav 60 is the industry’s preferred work assist vehicle. With the ability to elevate and travel simultaneously, the Wav 60 is a faster, easier, and safer ladder replacement for your workplace. This work-assist vehicle boasts enhanced operator control and safety with features like the integrated four-point safety system, interlocking gates, hand and dual foot pedal sensors, as well as a variety of other safety sensors. The WAv 60 is perfect for various work environments requiring loads to be manually lifted and moved. In many cases, the Wav can go days without having to be recharged, maximizing your up time, and when it is time to recharge, the Wav can be plugged directly into a standard wall outlet. Cut labor and lost time expenses in half with the Wav 60’s tremendous efficiency.


Manufacturer : Crown Equipment Corporation
Model : Wav60
Power : Electric