Crown SP Series

Crown’s SP series order picker truck is designed for optimized visibility, stability, performance, and longevity. With the largest window on any stock picker in the industry, the SP allows operators to work more safely and effectively by improving visibility from all angles. The ample use of steel from the mast to the side gates and everything in between means less sway and greater certainty. Designed with operator comfort and safety in mind, the SP offers plenty of room to move on the operator platform and comes complete with the required four-touch stability stance when starting and stopping order picker movement. With longer shift life and built-in diagnostics with Crown’s Access 123 system, SP order picker users are sure to experience longer lift truck life and lower total costs. With the SP Series order picker, you can bolster your fleet with the addition of the industry leader in travel, lift, and lower speeds.


Manufacturer : Crown Equipment Corporation
Model : SP 3500/4000
Power : Electric