Crown SC 5200 Series

Get the industry’s do-it-all truck from dock to stock with the SC 5200 Series by Crown. The SC 5200 is known for its adaptability, which makes it perfect for virtually all industries, from manufacturing and wholesale to retail and transportation. The shortest truck in the industry provides ultimate maneuverability in aisles as narrow as 10ft. The SC 5200 is built with Crown’s Access 123 Comprehensive System Control, eGen Braking, AC motors, and an Intrinsic Stability System to increase up-time and decrease the total cost of ownership. Designed with the operator in mind, the forklift boasts Crown’s flex seat, easy entry/exit points, superior visibility, and easy-to-reach controls. With a wide range of models and options, the SC 5200 is sure to be your operation’s go-to truck.


Manufacturer : Crown Equipment Corporation
Model : SC 5200
Power : Electric