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Maintenance programs designed to fit your needs

Maintaining battery life and efficiency

Lift Power has not only the resources to provide a comprehensive selection of batteries, chargers, and accessories for material handling equipment, but also the expertise to service all brands of those power solution offerings. Our Power Solutions Service Technicians are trained and certified to provide any operation with the best custom-fit battery maintenance programs in the forklift industry.

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Weekly / Bi-Weekly Watering

A traditional lead acid battery (TLA) contains 60% sulfuric acid and 40% water within the power cell itself. As these batteries are discharged through usage, temperature compensation occurs causing the sulfuric acid to be absorbed into the lead plate. However, the water stays within the reservoir to control the battery’s ambient temperature internally. Lift Power offers the knowledge and expertise to keep your batteries equalized with proper weekly or bi-weekly watering programs.


We understand that each customer’s battery usage environment is different, requiring different service programs to be set in place. For example, in a cold storage application, evaporation rate may slow, requiring less battery watering maintenance. On the contrary, outside operations or operations within non-temperature controlled warehouses have much higher evaporation rates, requiring more attention for batteries to be internally optimized.

Quarterly / Bi-Annual / Annual Preventative Maintenance Services

Much like our preventative maintenance service programs for lift trucks, Lift Power offers customizable power solution preventative maintenance services. Based on fleet size, fleet type, and battery usage, we determine the best course of action to keep uptime at a maximum and total cost of ownership at a minimum.

Battery Wash Services

When industrial batteries are overcharged or overwatered, acid vapor and acid discharge can be released from the top of the battery and cause corrosion, self-discharging, and the need for the battery to be washed. Batteries with excessive corrosion require a high-powered pressure washer to break up and remove the corrosive material, followed by battery neutralization by way of base chemicals. Lift Power provides Battery Wash services to customers to enhance battery performance, battery life, and battery safety.

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Lift Power also offers:

  • Battery Reconditioning Services

  • Pay For Power

    Lift Power offers customers “energy as a service”. Our customers pay us a set monthly cost (per forklift), and we provide battery, charger, and maintenance for that equipment. This is a stress-free program that allows operations to give us the responsibility and rely on us our area of expertise.