Material Handling Connectivity – a Crown Equipment E-Book

Material Handling Connectivity – a Crown Equipment E-Book

Connectivity in Your Facility

Ever wondered how to best bring connectivity to your facility? With all the talk about the importance of data and analytics, you’re not alone. The problem lies, though, in figuring out just what exactly a connected facility looks like. Afterall, there’s no point in gathering all that data if you can’t do anything with it!

Crown Equipment Corporation set out to answer the question of creating connectivity in your facility in their latest e-book.

Crown Defines a Connected Facility as Follows:

“a connected facility enables you to shift away from individual components or equipment to a view that encompasses your entire facility and how its systems and components work together to deliver measurable business value….individual components no longer work independently. They are interconnected and communicate with other components and equipment. They work hand in hand with other systems and technologies to improve productivity, efficiency and safety.” (Achieving Material Handling Connectivity, pg 6).

Material Handling Connectivity

Through the e-book, Crown lays out several benefits of connecting a warehouse as well as steps to take to achieve your connectivity goals. Benefits of connectivity include:

  • Increased safety
  • Improved efficiency
  • Better visibility to help make better technology decisions
  • Decreased maintenance costs
  • Improved Communication
  • Optimized equipment utilization and uptime

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In all this, Crown recommends a phased approach to connectivity.

  • Understand goals and objectives
  • Assess your current state of connectivity
  • Allocate budget and resources
  • Manage data and measure progress
  • Integrate systems and software
  • Build momentum

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