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Lift Power Named one of Jacksonville’s Healthiest Companies

Lift Power Named one of Jacksonville’s Healthiest Companies

Lift Power Named One of 2018's Healthiest Companies

After several years of hard work and dedication towards workplace wellness, Lift Power has been named one of Jacksonville’s 2018 Healthiest Companies through the FCWWC. We are proud of our human resource team’s efforts to make Lift Power a health-focused company with an environment that encourages our employees to live well and work well.

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With the help of the locally based wellness program provider through Baptist Health, PATH, Lift Power has provided employees with the following wellness-centric services:

  • Stand Up Desks

    All Lift Power employees have the option of a standing-style workstation. Not only do our employees report feeling better (less joint pain, increased energy, etc.), we have also noticed an increase in productivity from our employees who choose to stand while they work.

  • Biometric Screenings

    This past year, Lift Power offered all employees the opportunity for a biometric screening. This screening, administered through PATH, gave in depth reports to all participants, and on-site professionals provided individualized health advice for those desiring to see improvements in their numbers.

  • Health and Safety Seminars

    Lift Power holds regular company wide seminars on matters pertaining to workplace health and safety from heart health to hazard awareness. These talks spark conversation on how we can further improve our work environment and act as a good reminder of importance of prioritizing wellness.

  • Healthy Food Alternatives

    Lift Power consistently provides fresh fruit, accessible in the break room, to all employees as well as healthy vending options. When company meetings or training sessions are held during the lunch hour, our team is sure to offer a healthier lunch option.

  • Charitable Walks and Runs

    Lift Power makes an effort to participate in at least 2 charitable walks or runs every year. Not only does this give us a chance to give back to the community, it also offers our employees the opportunity to get outside and moving. We have found that such activities inspire teamwork which then becomes evident in the workplace.

We are proud to have been named Silver Award Winner of the Healthiest Companies 2018 search, and we are looking forward as a company to offering even more wellness-focused options to our employees in the future including health coaching, wellness resources, and more.

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