Jacksonville’s Healthiest Companies 2019

Jacksonville’s Healthiest Companies 2019

Lift Power Names a Healthiest Company in Jacksonville

The Lift Power Human Resources team has done it again, and this time, it’s even bigger than before. Lift Power has been named by the First Coast Workplace Wellness Council as one of the Gold Level Healthiest Companies in Jacksonville, FL.

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According to FCWWC, “Gold award winners have dedicated additional resources to ensure that their programs are being properly measured each year. They conduct an annual employee needs and interest survey, have a wellness operating plan and strategically select programs that will address their most prevalent health risks and conditions” (FCWWC).

Gold Award WInner

The Lift Power Wellness Program

What sets Lift Power apart as one of the healthiest companies? We prioritize employee wellbeing across all facets of life. With a focus on physical, emotional, and financial wellness, we set our employees up for success both in the workplace and at home.

Our wellness program includes:

  • Monthly Wellness Seminars
  • Quarterly Wellness Challenges for Physical and Emotional Wellness
  • Health Coaching
  • Healthy Vending Options
  • One on One Financial Consulting and Online Financial Wellness Resources
  • Community Walks and Runs
  • Competitive Health Benefits
  • Gym Membership Reimbursement


On top of these items, we are constantly looking to improve our wellbeing program. In the future, we hope to add social wellness as a pillar of our program and introduce Employee Resource Groups. We certainly have plenty of room to grow, and we look forward to finding new ways to keep our employees first.

How to Start Your Wellness Program

Interested in becoming a wellness-focused company but don’t know where to start? Get with your HR team, and take the following steps to employee wellness success!

1. Observe

Take note of the areas of need in your company. Take a look at your health claims data. What’s the best place for you to start with wellness? Watch the choices your employees are making. Should you start offering healthier snack options, enroll the company in community walks and pay for employee registrations, or offer health coaching for emotional and physical wellbeing? Watch your workplace, and take note of the need.

2. Strategize

Next, put together a strategic action plan. Focus on meeting the needs of your employees. What order should you prioritize their needs in? What types of programs will be most engaging? Explore different versions of your strategy. What does it look like to tackle physical health versus emotional health first and vice versa? Also, be sure to discuss the desired outcomes of the wellbeing program. Once you have established your focus and end goals, you can begin putting together the details.

3. Design

Once you have observed and strategize, you are ready to design your program. This is the time to decide on topics for presentations, choose challenges, select events to participate in, develop or select a wellness portal, and more. You can work with your healthcare provider or a third party workplace wellness company to create a program that works for you and that supports the data within your company. Typically, it is recommended to design a program for a year and then assess the results. Then, the program can be redesigned or tweaked to account for the previous year’s outcome.

4. Implement

Finally, it’s time to implement your wellness program. Set your dates, make announcements, and hype up your employees. One of the biggest keys to successful implementation is communication. Make sure your employees know what’s going on and why. Keep the focus on them and their wellbeing. Also consider creating a team of wellness advocates throughout the company in each department. These will be your champions to promote wellness activities and encourage their fellow employees to make wellness a priority. And don’t forget to have fun while doing it!

The Big Picture

As the world moves towards a greater awareness of total wellbeing, it is important for workplaces to do the same and to make wellness resources available to employees. Lift Power is proud to be taking steps in the right direction, and we are looking forward to continuing to grow our wellbeing program for employees.

Take the steps today to make wellness a priority in your workplace.

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