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Increase Efficiency with a Waveless Fulfillment System

Increase Efficiency with a Waveless Fulfillment System

Customer Satisfaction through Flow and Efficiency

Imagine a world with seamless motion and flow. The second we make a decision, it is fulfilled right in front of our eyes. Sounds like something off the Jetsons? Maybe. But it’s already happening in our day to day world. Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to customer service, and we are all reaping the benefits – next day shipping, immediate payment processing, automatic prescription refills, ride services, food delivery services. You ask for it, you get it.

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But how do distribution centers keep up with this growing expectation of immediate gratification from customers? Rarely do consumers want to wait a week or a few days to receive their package. A few years ago, it was enough just to have a product delivered to our front doors, but now we want it as instantaneously as possible.

Increase Efficiency with a Waveless Fulfillment System
According to DC Velocity: “Waveless fulfillment systems provide a continuous flow of orders through the DC, as opposed to traditional wave-based systems that produce batches of orders that are released for an entire shift or portion of a shift. When a new order is received in a waveless environment, the order is automatically inserted into the flow of orders being processed, instead of being held for inclusion in a later batch.”

Benefits of Waveless Fulfillment

While wave-based fulfillment has proven to help companies keep better track of order processing and management, the benefits of waveless fulfillment may outweigh the benefits of wave-based fulfillment.
  • Addresses shorter cycle time and changing customer demands

  • Reduces downtime by eliminating the need to shut down and start up equipment for each shift or fulfillment wave

  • Increases throughput by keeping systems constantly running

  • Creates a more constant and adaptable work flow

It's All About Flow

This all comes as a result of the resource based waveless system that functions off of customer demand. Rather than pushing products repetitively from shipping to receiving, waveless fulfillment uses a more fluid method in which products requested are pulled as resources become available. It’s all about balance in the distribution center. Instead of preplanning as most operations do in a wave-based system, waveless fulfillment relies on triggers to guide work.

A waveless system may not be ideal for all fulfillment or distribution centers, but it has proven effective especially among DCs who are fulfilling a wide variety of orders in a short period of time. Currently, e-commerce is paving the way in waveless fulfillment. The cost benefits are worth the switch from wave-based systems for many operations, and, ultimately, the significant increase in efficiency and throughput proves waveless fulfillment is the wave of the future for DCs.

When considering a move from wave-based to waveless fulfillment, make sure you first have the proper equipment in place to be able to handle the constant flow of work. It is key to have quality equipment with strong runtime backed by a team of service experts to make such a transition effective. DCs see the greatest uptick in efficiency when processes are supported by superior equipment with matching technology. Lift Power recommends Crown trucks and the Crown InfoLink fleet management system to support your efforts to modernize with waveless fulfillment systems.

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