Forklift Chargers

Cutting edge technology to keep equipment energized

Battery chargers for any fleet size & system


Lift Power’s power solution expertise gives operations the modern edge with the latest in battery charging technology. Along with battery solutions for both motive power and reserve power applications, Lift Power offers customers comprehensive charger solutions for material handling equipment in both types of power applications.


Representing industry manufacturers such as Crown, EnerSys, GNB Industrial Power, and Flux Power, Lift Power provides industrial battery charging solutions for any application an operation might need.

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Charger Solutions

Lift Power’s full line of lift truck chargers is designed to keep an operation moving, whether it be in a challenging, fast-paced, full-fleet environment or a slower, compact fleet operation. Our comprehensive forklift battery charger options give us the ability to offer customers a recharge solution for every budget, material handling situation, and required battery type including conventional, opportunity, and fast charging systems.


As the material handling industry continues to advance, so does Lift Power. While we still provide customers with traditional conventional battery charger solutions such as ferroresonant chargers and SCRs (silicon-controlled rectifiers), Lift Power is constantly looking to upgrade the lift truck battery charging options we provide to customers.


This is where our selection of high-frequency modular chargers come into play, namely Crown’s V-Force Charger line and EnerSys’ Impact Charger line.


Representing a best-in-class high-frequency charging solution for all material handling applications, these types of chargers have a multitude of built-in profiles and algorithms so they effectively act as “smart chargers”. High-frequency modular chargers auto-calculate what charge is needed with auto-detection systems comprised of several types of transistors.

Crown’s V-Force Chargers

As a powerful high-frequency modular chargers, Crown’s V-Force Charger helps reduce power consumption while lowering energy costs, giving it the ability to achieve 100% return on investment early in the life cycle. These powerful chargers optimize charging for lift trucks and other material handling equipment, offering flexibility, reliability, and efficiency for every application.

Percentages of Amp Hour Capacity

(also known as the starter rate of the rated capacity of a battery)

Conventional Charger – 16% of battery’s rated capacity


Opportunity Charger – 20 – 30% of battery’s rated capacity


Fast Charger – 35% (and up) of battery’s rated capacity