Forklift Battery Accessories

Time & energy savers that keep forklifts on the move

Forklift Battery life extension made easy


In addition to providing customers with a complete and advanced selection of material handling equipment batteries and chargers, Lift Power also offers power solution accessories that will further increase forklift usage efficiency while reducing total cost of ownership. These powerful accessories include:

  • Battery Handling Systems (BHS)

  • Battery Extractors

  • Single-Point Watering Systems

  • Water Level LED Indicators

  • Wash Equipment

  • Battery Management Devices

  • Battery Data Identification

  • Battery Health Monitors

Battery Performance Monitoring – InfoLink Reporting

Along with providing vital fleet management information, InfoLink offers Battery Health Report Cards that help improve battery performance and decision making. These “report cards” are delivered to both customers and Lift Power, so we can work togeter to discover how the information can best be utilized in order for the customer to make better decisions. Data collected by InfoLink’s Battery Performance Monitoring includes:

  • Temperature Compensation

  • Water Equalizations

  • Charge Mode Time Stamps

  • Depth of Discharge

  • Full Operator Analyses

This data is extremely useful because it can be used by Lift Power to make recommendations as things change within a customer’s operation. For example, if an operation adds another shift, power consumption completely changes because there are now additional hours of operation.


This also internally changes the warranty cycle of a battery because warranties are designed to look at total amp hours consumed over a five-year period, so if an additional shift doubles amp-hour consumption, the warranty period will shrink. Understanding situations like this help Lift Power manage customer expectations and make optimal recommendations. Learn more about how Crown’s InfoLink Operator and Management System can help manage your motive power solutions

EnerSys EZ Select System

Battery change management made easy, EnerSys’ EZ Select System helps operations ensure productivity and time aren’t wasted. This intelligent technology gives the power of Smart Battery Change, a management system that takes the manual guesswork out of changing and charging material handling equipment batteries. The EZ Select System allows operators to avoid changing out a depleted battery for another battery without a full charge by directing them to fully charged batteries. EnerSys’ EZ Select System prioritizes batteries based on charge and cooldown time, all while collecting data that can be later used to identify savings opportunities.

  • Extended Battery Life

  • Decreased Battery Change Time

  • Increased Lift Truck Run Time

  • Managed Battery Rotation and Selection

  • Wrong Selection Audio Alerts

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs

  • Elimination of Over-Spending