Facility Lighting & Industrial Fans

Providing comfort and clarity to any warehouse space

Increase productivity, enhance safety, & reduce costs with facility lighting and industrial fans

Lift Power’s lighting solutions are energy efficient and minimize warehouse costs. LED lighting saves users up to 75% on energy bills and minimizes heat output unlike incandescent bulbs which cost more in immediate energy use and emit so much heat they require air conditioning energy costs to be driven up, too.


LED lighting is proven to enhance worker productivity due to the emission of blue light rays which stimulate brain activity in the same way as natural sunlight. Blue light, by imitating sunlight, triggers the body’s circadian rhythm and arouses the mind to a state of alertness, enhancing worker focus and productivity.


With a variety of lighting options for every application, Lift Power is guaranteed to help light the way toward increased efficiency and success.

Facility lighting

Lift Power’s facility lighting helps warehouse workers to:

  • Identify parts

  • Improve safety

  • Enhance accuracy

  • Isolate problems

  • Speed productivity

Industrial Fans

Our variety of fans maintain an airflow pattern that keeps warehouses cool without disrupting work.

Warehouse fans help keep inventory in excellent condition by reducing humidity and condensation. With air constantly circulating, inventory is kept at advisable temperatures so clients never have to worry about weather damage to products. Fans save companies big on electric bills. Unlike air conditioning during the warm seasons, a warehouse fan circulates the air already in the warehouse, keeping workers cool and costs low.

Statistics show that when interior temperatures are above 77 degrees Fahrenheit, employee productivity increases up to 2% for every 1 degree cooler the workspace is. When workers are more comfortable, they work more efficiently and with greater accuracy. They also conduct work more safely because they are able to focus their attention on carrying out their tasks according to procedure.