Doosan’s New 9 Series – Class 5 Lift Truck

Doosan’s New 9 Series – Class 5 Lift Truck

Doosan’s 9 Series sets the standards for durability in Diesel Truck applications.

The new Doosan 9 Series Diesel Lift Trucks are ready to work. Undergoing major advancements with more innovative technology, superior components, and extended planned maintenance intervals, keeping operational expenses low. It’s designed to increase productivity in the workforce.

Superb Ergonomics

The operator’s compartment is designed with the operator in mind. The ergonomic design improves productivity and reduces fatigue and stress for the operator while always remaining in complete control, with features like adjustable suspension seating, document clips, USB ports, and a bright multi-functional LCD Display providing a clear display outdoors.

Other Features Include:

Class 5 Truck - Dossan 9 Series

Adjustable Steering Control

Improved Visibility

Redesigned Inching

Advanced Safety Features

The 9 Series safety systems are equipped with modern advanced technology to protect your warehouse, product, and, most important, people. With multiple systems in place, this truck ensures you safeguard your investment. With systems like Operator Sensing (OSS) and Guardian Stability (GSS), operators and others are protected from the truck operating should the operator leave the seat or decreased travel speed when the mast isn’t in its primary position and auto speed control around sharp turns.

Other Features Include:

Automatic Deceleration

Shift ProTek

Speed Control

Productive and Durable

The 9 Series sets the industry standards for diesel truck applications. The series includes features that eliminate costly brake jobs, a redesigned cooling system that offers increased heat reduction, a newly designed heavy-duty fan, and a counterweight design that increases airflow efficiency. Other features include a built-in parking brake in the transmission and an IP65 connection that increases durability and run time.

The 9 Series is an application-friendly truck meaning operators have the ability to change engine modes to fit any operation’s immediate needs.

Doosan 9 Series Features

Easy Maintenance - Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The 9 Series provided easy, tool-free access to panels, auto-maintenance notifications, and easy-to-read diagnostics. In fact, the Doosan 9 Series Diesel Lift Truck can save you up to 82% ($7,000) in 5 years compared to competitive models.

  • On a 5-year maintenance routine, the series can save $1,170.
  • Doosan’s heavy-duty steer axle provides larger king pins, and angled roller bearings, eliminating wear on the king pin, and saving $2,640 on 5-year steer components.
  • Equipped with oil-cooled disc brakes with an exclusive 5 Year/10,000-hour warranty with minimal maintenance required, provides smooth, consistent stopping power, and a total savings of $3,670 on 5-year brake repairs.

Cost of Owning a Doosan Class 9 Series

The new Doosan 9 Series is an industry leader that provides increased durability, productivity, and advanced safety. The series is designed to be compatible with multiple applications making it an adaptable agile truck that lowers your total cost of ownership.

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