Dock and Door Equipment

The Loading Dock: Where It All Begins

Versatile Loading Bay Solutions

As the starting and ending point of the operation, the loading dock is the warehouse’s door of productivity. That’s why we empower our clients with a variety of solutions to meet their dock and door needs quickly and efficiently.

The loading dock area is a crucial aspect of any operation that utilizes material handling equipment. So, Lift Power provides customers with a full range of reliable dock equipment solutions.


Whether it is a replacement or a completely new loading dock installation, our dock and door division is capable of outfitting any operation with the perfect system. From dock levelers and lifts to overhead doors and industrial fans, we have options for every environment and application.



Lift Power is proud to offer an extensive inventory of high-quality dock equipment products that match a wide variety of client needs. Whether an operation needs an edge of dock leveler to act as a bridge to safely transfer materials, dock seals and shelters to provide a secure dock enclosure, or vehicle/trailer restraints that allow operators control over trailer movement, Lift Power’s dock equipment inventory encompasses anything an operation might need. This also includes:


When it comes to overhead doors or roll-up doors, Lift Power works with a wide variety of manufacturers in order to provide multiple solutions to customers so that the best options are available to them. Whether your operation needs a rolling steel door for security and basic function, a properly installed fire door that closes automatically in the event of a fire, or perhaps a dependable high-speed door system, Lift Power’s team will work with you to evaluate your site’s loading bay area and provide the correct solutions. Our dock door solutions include:
  • Dock Levelers / Dock Boards / Dock Plates

  • Dock Seals & Dock Shelters

  • Vehicle / Trailer Restraints, & Bumpers

  • Facility Lighting – Communication Lights, Red/Green Lights, Dock Lights

  • Dock Fans

  • Sheet Doors

  • Rolling Steel Doors

  • Sectionals

  • Fire Doors

  • High-Speed Doors

Facility Lighting & Industrial Fans
Industrial fans, also known HVLS (high volume low speed) fans or macro air fans across the industry, are an integral part of any material handling operation. Lift Power offers a multitude of industrial fan solutions that provide operations an ample amount of facility-wide airflow.
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