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Warehouse Solution Consultants

Lift Power’s goal is to assist customers with the proper utilization of every square foot in their operation. Not only do our customers get the best in material handling equipment and services from Lift Power, but they also benefit from our expert consultation that encompasses anything within the walls of a warehouse. As a forward-thinking leader in the lift truck and material handling equipment industry, Lift Power is a trusted resource for the development of new warehouses as well as analyses of existing facilities. Working with Lift Power’s Warehouse Solution consultants provides valuable insights into an operation, including:
  • Understanding the benefits of using different forklift solutions and how the varying types can change the approximate number of pallets that can be stacked throughout your facility

  • Determining exactly how many pallets can be stacked within storage aisles based on warehouse width and length

  • Discovering where any potential support column issues may lie in relation to aisle positions

  • Utilizing the maximum amount of vertical space possible based on an application’s constraints and exact number of pallets involved

  • Determining the exact number of pallet locations that are achievable when considering single-deep and double-deep storage systems

  • Comparing and contrasting different order-picking applications and cycles for the best benefits, and how this affects your fleet size

Lift Power’s Allied Department also offers warehouse solution consultations that include:
  • Warehouse Design

  • Safety Audits

  • Modular Offices

  • Wire Partitions

  • Bollards

  • Guard Rails / Rack Protection

Safety Audits

Every material handling operation undergoes safety inspections and must meet certain requirements and regulations. Lift Power offers customers consultation in both the implementation of safety systems as well as safety audits for warehouses. Our experts visit and analyze an operation’s entire facility, providing a comprehensive audit based on all storage systems. From the smallest issues, such as rack scratches or slight damage, to more urgent problems that require immediate offload and bay area restriction, Lift Power evaluates the facility according to the necessary safety standards. Once this has been provided, we develop a comprehensive in-house repair proposal, providing engineered solutions that maximize efficiency while minimizing downtime.

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