Auto Positioning System (APS)

Optimize your Operation with the Auto Positioning System

Increase lift truck productivity up to 25%

Automatically takes the most effective route to the next rack location with a single command from the driver, resulting in greater pallet position accuracy and productivity gains of up to 25 percent.

Even a novice can perform like an expert with a single command

Accuracy, Productivity, Safety


What is Lift Power’s Auto Positioning System (APS)?

Much like any warehouse automation tool, this incredible technology enables lift operators to complete more in a lesser amount of time. Crown’s Auto Positioning System guides a forklift along the most effective route to its next rack destination.


APS works with a warehouse management system (WMS). When an order is pulled, it is scanned (by SKU), and then the APS calculates where its next rack destination is located.


After a warehouse is mapped so that the system knows where all different SKU zones are, all the operator must do is tell the lift truck to go to the next calculated location, and the APS will guide the lift truck to this next calculated rack destination following the most efficient path. This automation technology is especially useful in very narrow aisle applications (VNA) and has proven to increase productivity up to 25%.

InfoLink connects wirelessly with your entire fleet to capture and convey important lift truck AND operator data.

How APS increases efficiency & decreases user error

The Most Efficient Route Leads to Increased Productivity

Warehouse automation is all about using technology to advance an operation’s facility so that efficiency is increased and user errors are decreased. Lift Power’s strong relationship with Crown gives us the unique opportunity to provide customers with integrated solutions that move operations forward in this ever-advancing technological age.


An automated technology such as the Auto Positioning System (APS) is just one of the ways to take steps toward the future of material handling and warehouse automation.

The shortest distance to big productivity gains isn't necessarily a straight line. Crown’s Auto Positioning System enables operators to get more done in less time by guiding the forklift along the most effective route to the next rack location.
Deploy this technology to ELEVATE your facility

Benefits of Auto Positioning System

Much like the QuickPick Remote, Crown’s Auto Positioning System allows material handling operations to stay ahead of the competition, automate normally manual tasks, and, thus, equip lower-performing operators with a tool that puts them close to on-par with the best forklift operators.


Unlike the QuickPick Remote, the Auto Positioning System can complete higher level order picking, rather than just the first and second levels.


APS even lends itself to decreasing battery usage up to 15% when operating a lift truck because the automated technology determines the most energy-efficient routes to take, rather than this task being done manually.

  • Increased Productivity & Accuracy

    due to the automated locating of the next pull

  • Decreased Lift Truck Wear

    because the most effective routes are always taken

  • Reduced Operator Fatigue

    given by the elimination of traditional manual interaction

  • Powerful Flexibility

    that can reach to the highest racks and save battery at the same time