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Finding the right forklift truck to save time and money

Reliable, Powerful, productive

Lift Power specializes in providing customers with the “Right Truck(s) for the Application”. We prioritize understanding exactly what kind of material handling equipment solution will best serve the customer. In doing so, customers that purchase from Lift Power save money not only upfront because they will be getting only exactly what they need but also in the long run because Lift Power ensures the customer won’t be paying service and maintenance costs on non-optimal equipment and parts. Lift Power represents Crown Lift Trucks as well as other major brands including Komatsu, Doosan, Landoll, Bendi, Drexel, CombiLift, and Genie.


Lift Power works in and understands all facets of material handling equipment and warehouse solution engineering. From our Dock and Door Department, to our Allied Department, to Racking and Systems Engineering, to our Motive Power and Reserve Solutions, Lift Power knows facilities and warehouses inside and out. This gives us the unique ability to give customers expert consultation on any facet of their operation they may need assistance with.


Unique customer traits we analyze to provide the “Right Truck(s) for the Correct Application”:

  • Specific Application/Usage

  • Interior/Exterior Capabilities

  • Lift Max Capacity Required

  • Lift Max Height Required

  • Aisle Size

    (Wide Aisle / Narrow Aisle / Very Narrow Aisle (VNA))

  • Facility Obstacles

Optimizing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Total Cost of Ownership refers to the amount of money required to keep a machine or piece of material handling equipment running for five to ten years. While this does indeed include the upfront cost of purchase, it includes much more than that. Because of the dedicated support from our manufacturers, Lift Power specializes in optimizing and decreasing total cost of ownership for customers, which includes:
  • Upfront Cost of Equipment

  • Parts Costs

    With over $1.7m in stocked parts, Lift Power has the capability to quickly diagnose and replace any necessary parts.

  • Service Costs

    The support and training from our manufacturers means our trained technicians are knowledgeable, experienced, and efficient. Our vans are stocked and our technicians stay available and on-call, offering a service response time of 4 hours or less.

  • Equipment Downtime

    There are 3 main contributors to equipment downtime: diagnosing the issue, parts availability, and repair time. With Lift Power’s massive inventory, parts availability is never an issue, and our trained technicians ensure downtime due to diagnosis and repair time are minimized.

flexible financing solutions

Lift Power provides flexible financing solutions on new equipment by customer necessity! Call us today to find out more about our Warranties & Financing programs for New Material Handling Equipment!